Bodum The de Chine Glass Teapot (20 oz. or 34 oz.)

Made out of the finest heat resistant borosilicate glass, the de Chine all-glass tea infuser was designed especially for green tea, although it works really well on just about any tea. The wide glass filter allows the tea leaves to swirl freely and to disperse their aroma generously.

Making tea doesn’t get much easier than this. Heat the water up in a kettle, add loose-leaf tea to the glass filter, put it into the teapot, and pour water through. Let it brew for the recommended time. Remove the infuser and enjoy a great cup of tea. You can use it for hot or iced tea. The filter keeps the tea leaves out of your cup and the lid doubles as a trivet to hold filter after use. The de Chine is dishwasher safe and available in two sizes.

$19.95 (20 oz.)    |    $29.95 (34 oz.)

Choice of Sizes