The roots of organic Tea farming are found in differing systems of thought, philosophies of life and agro motivations. Organic Tea farming has the desire to form a method of production capable of generating healthful Teas, while limiting any damaging effects on the natural ecosystem. It is proven that organic tea farming systems are the most environmentally-friendly, and thus sustainable methods. This method of Tea production actively assists in preserving eco-systems and the variety of species, protecting the soil, keeping the water clean and reducing the impact of agriculture on the atmosphere.

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Organic Honeybush Rooibos

An East of Eden Tea Co. favorite, this naturally sweet and fruity African tea from the Cape of Good Hope and evokes the scent and taste of raw honey! Caffeine free and suitable for all ages. certified organic- certified kosher



Organic Green Rooibos

A smooth, unfermented Rooibos with a subtle herb flavor and high in antioxidants. Naturally caffeine free and suitable for all ages. certified organic - certified kosher - certified fair trade



Organic Yerba Mate

A truly delectable South American classic harvested at it’s peak to produce a bold flavor with a smooth aroma and distinct color. Yerba Mate does contain caffeine. certified organic-certified kosher-certified fair trade.



Organic Assam TGFOP Tea

This second flush Organic Assam tea is grown 1,500 feet above sea level, and delivers a full bodied and brisk brew with great flavor. Great when paired with a little milk, as the milk tones down the strength and adds smoothness, while highlighting the malty notes. Classified as tippy golden flowery orange pekoe.