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Lychee Congou China Black Tea

Lychee Congou China Black tea is a leafy black tea that’s infused with the flavor of lychee fruit. Lychees taste very sensual & sweet, reminiscent of roses and muscat grapes. This blend produces a delightfully natural scented tea.



Keemun Panda China Black Tea

The bright reddish brew delivers a winey, fruity flavor with depth and complexity. Keemun Panda Black tea takes milk well and rewards the drinker with an exotic cup. Keemun requires a great deal of gongfu, (disciplined skill) to make into fine taut strips without breaking the leaves.



Lapsang Souchong China Black

From the misty dense pine forests of the Wuyi Mountains of Fujan our Lapsang Souchong delivers a distinctive smoked flavor and the heady aroma of a campfire. Legend claims, during the Qing dynasty, a unit of passing soldiers took refuge in a tea factory. Having the drying time delayed by the soldiers, the workers had to smoke dry the tea leaves. The result was a sensation.



Oolong Orange Blossom Estate Tea

A delicate and exotic blend, our Oolong Orange Blossom Estate tea is wonderful iced. This tea boasts toasty roundness with fruity jasmine notes. Oolong teas are neither green nor black, but somewhere in between.