All our flavored blacks use only the finest estate high grown Ceylon ( Sri Lanka) teas which are combined with choice herbs, spices, fruits, flower petals or blooms and natural flavors. These teas are fragrant and truly enjoyable. Amongst other health benefits, Black teas are reported to be good for diabetics.

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Blackcurrant Black Tea

Imagine a currant bush laden with ripe berries. Our Blackcurrant Black tea boasts a rich aroma and taste. This tea is wonderful iced.



Ginger Black Tea

Our Ginger Black tea has a refreshing, exotic taste, with interesting flavors of fresh ginger root: piquant, spicy and fruity. Naturally flavored, we use high grown ceylon tea from estates at elevations above 5500 feet.



Monk’s Blend Black Tea

This is a truly dramatic blend combining grenadine and vanilla for a highly aromatic and flavorful cup. We use high grown Ceylon tea from estates at more than 5,500 ft above sea level. As with most of our naturally favored black teas it’s delicious served hot or iced minimum 98% ETP - ethical tea partnership.



Blackforest Naturally Flavored Black Tea

A wonderful dessert tea, our Blackforest naturally flavored black tea boasts piquant and astringent chocolate flavor with creamy cherry notes. We use natural high grown Ceylon tea from estates at more than 5500 feet above sea level. Wonderful with a little milk and sugar.



Indian Spice Chai

We use only premium high grown Ceylon black tea and real Indian spices to make this authentic Indian Spice Chai. Cardamom, cloves, coriander, cumin seed, sweet cumin seed, curry leaves, lemon grass, and rampe leaves. It is of course best enjoyed with milk and sugar and makes a wonderful iced chai tea latte.



Cinnamon Flavored Black Tea

Our natural Cinnamon Flavored Black tea will remind you of cinnamon hearts candy! With just the right amount of mild spice, this is refreshing and tongue tingling.



Peach Apricot Black Tea

Tremendously flavorful, our Peach Apricot Black tea is a tasty combination of sweet peaches and full-flavored apricots. We use high grown Ceylon tea from estates at more than 5500 ft above sea level to produce this naturally flavored black tea. Sure to please hot or iced. 98% ETP - ethical tea partnership.



Island Coconut Black Tea

Chase away the winter blues. With it’s delightful tropical flavor, our Island Coconut Black tea will have you dreaming of Hawaiian beaches and warm summer sun in no time. We use high-grown Ceylon tea from estates at over 5500 ft above sea level to bring you the finest quality cup. minimum 98% ETP - ethical tea partnership.



Earl Grey Double Bergamot Tea

A delicious English tea blend with twice the bergamot oil and twice the flavor. Our Earl Grey Double Bergamot tea has a one-of-kind taste and aroma sure to have you coming back for more.



French Blend Black Tea

“Creme de Vanille”, Earl Grey, Jasmine and Lavender give this blend it’s “ooh-la-la”. It has Assam for richness. Nilgiri and Ceylon for sprightly sauciness. Kenya for mystery and rich golden hue. China for the delicate Jasmine. Cemented with lavender from Provence and rose petals to make it fit for the Latin Quarter along the Siene. minimum 98% ETP - ethical tea partnership.



Moroccan Madness

Moroccan mint tea is one of the many pleasures of this ancient Kingdom. Originally brewed using green tea in their mix, we have taken the liberty of substituting fine black Assam teas from Sri Lanka for their strength and combined them with peppermint. The result is a strong malty flavor with a cool accent of peppermint. In Morocco they say that tea should be as bitter as death, sweet as life and mellow as love. We’ve tried to capture that in this cup.