As a small child my grandmother always started our mornings with peppermint tea and honey. That simple cup of tea had the amazing ability to make me feel pampered & good inside. Now, the mere smell of peppermint tea fills me with memories like no other can. So I guess you could say I've always been a fan of tea.

Our wish here at East of Eden Tea Co. is to make truly great tea affordable for everyone and also, to turn back the clock just a little so you can enjoy your tea at it's utmost best. That means we're all about loose leaf teas and proper brewing methods. Tea pots & strainers or tea pots with large infusers, tea or coffee presses & samovars all perform best because they allow your tea to open up. For that reason, you won't find tea bags or tea eggs here.

We're not only passionate about teas but we're also passionate about health and wellness. The greater the quality of tea, the greater the health benefits. We could spend hours extolling the health benefits of different teas, they're just plain good for you.

While we have many teas that naturally have no caffeine, you will not find "decaffeinated" teas at East of Eden Tea Co. Decaffeinating is a chemical process that in itself leaves a chemical fingerprint. In short we think it's best to avoid decaffeinated and opt for naturally caffeine free teas as with our Rooibos or Herbal teas for those times when you need or want to abstain from caffeine. According to current medical studies caffeine in moderation is not at all unhealthy and has it's own benefits.

With over 40 different teas, we have something for everyone. Make a pot, sit back and enjoy.